Bike Inventory Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate various data import and data capture capabilities. In the first part of the tutorial you will learn how to add data to the cloud using document import functionality. In the second part, you will be able to add new document to the database using a pre-configured user input form. In the final part of the tutorial you will learn how to validate your data to make sure that it was imported successfully. Plese make sure you have Data Administrator access before continuing.

Part 1 - Data Import

1. Lets start by creating new document collection for storing our records. Log-in and then from the menu on the left go to: System Functions -> Data Administration -> Create Document Collection task. Name the new collection "Bike Inventory" and press submit.

2. Download a sample database that contains bike inventory records that we would like to import into the system. Save the bike_inventory.json file to you computer before proceeding to the next step.

3. Lets continue with importing the sample data. Run the following task from the menu: System Functions -> Data Administration -> Import Data. First select "Bike Inventory" collection from the dropdown and then select "bike_inventory.json" file you saved in previous step.

Part 2 - Using Forms

This part of the tutorial continues with our bike inventory example and demonstrates your ability to add new documents to the collection by capturing data submitted using online input forms.

4. In the user menu find and execute System Demos -> Bike Inventory - Form Demo task. If you do not see "System Demos" group in the menu, please make sure that you have "Super User" permissions before proceeding.

5. Fill the following information in the appropriate fields and then click "Add to Inventory" button.

Part 3 - Validating Data

In this section we demonstrate two independent reports you can run to validate your imported data, and any other documents that were submitted to the document collection using online forms.

6. Run the following task from the menu: System Functions -> Data Administration -> Data Browser. Select "Bike Inventory" collection and click "Retrieve" button. Entire document tree will be displayed. Proceed to expand the document hierarchy structure by clicking on the "+" plus links next to each document element.

7. Run the following task from the menu: System Demos -> Generic - Data Lookup Demo. Select "Bike Inventory" collection and click "Display Table" button. A table will be shown with each row representing individual document contained in the collection.

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