Input Form Configuration

New input forms can be set up by Form Administrator using Create or Edit Form task from the user menu. One of the first steps will be identifying the target document collection where form results will be stored. If document collection does not exist, it will need to be created first before proceeding. It is also recommended to have sample documents loaded into the collection to simplify form configuration. This step is optional as it is possible to create a form linked to a blank collection.

Form Components

All forms are composed of fully configurable input elements that capture information provided by users and submit that data to the server after the form is filled. Here is a complete list of form components that can be used. Please note that several form elements can be configured only by Process Administrator by editing the form generation process directly.

Form ElementSecurity GroupDescription
HeaderForm AdminSection header
TextForm AdminLine of text
ParagraphForm AdminBlock of text
CheckboxForm AdminSimple checkbox
ToggleForm AdminOn/off toggle switch
InputForm AdminSingle line text input element
TextareaForm AdminMulti-line text input element
DropdownForm AdminSingle choice dropdown menu
Edit DropdownForm AdminSingle choice dropdown menu with ability to type custom value
Multi-choice BoxForm AdminBox allowing selection of multiple elements
Multi-dropdownForm AdminDropdown allowing selection of multiple elements
Multi-edit DropdownForm AdminDropdown allowing selection of multiple elements including custom values
Double InputProcess AdminGrouped pair of input elements
Object InputProcess AdminElement allowing direct input of key/value pairs

Form Element Properties

Every form component is configurable and has multiple attributes that modify its appearance and functionality. Following is a partial list of available properties that do not apply universally to all elements, as property relevance differs by element type.

Element PropertySecurity GroupDescription
Label valueForm AdminText label before the element
Associated FieldForm AdminLink to document collection field
Input TypeForm AdminSpecify allowed input text format or value type
DisplayProcess AdminHTML layout style
StyleProcess AdminCSS style class
RequiredProcess AdminEnsure field value is not blank before submitting

Linking Collection Fields

In order to save form data in a document collection, it is necessary to link every form element to the corresponding document field. It is a lot easier to pick associated field from a dropdown list, however this functionality is available only if you have pre-loaded some sample documents before building your forms. In a situation where no prior data exists, your associated document field should be specified with underscores separating child nodes from the parent nodes. For example we would provide the following associated field value if we wanted to save user input text into the "name" field of the "Product" object: "Product_name".

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